EACL Policy for Endorsing Conferences and Similar Events

In order for EACL to endorse a conference or similar event, two criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Relevance: The event must have a clear connection to computational linguistics and to the geographical area of EACL.
  • Quality: The event should satisfy basic requirements on scientific quality concerning program committee, review procedure, etc.

The endorsement of an event by EACL entails the following:

  • Organizers must say that the event is endorsed by EACL in their announcements (website, call for papers, call for participation, etc.).
  • Organizers must put a link to the EACL website (http://www.eacl.org/) on their website.
  • EACL will put a link to the event website on the EACL website.
  • If there are published proceedings, the organizers must mention in the proceedings that the event is endorsed by EACL.